"The pink, rose entwine bulky computer hums to life, makes various beeps and boops, displaying lines of code and commands on the screen. The computer goes back to dark for a second, the dark screen blushes with a glowing Fuschia hue, that's almost blinding at first but then mellows out to a humble shine. Within that shine revealing a place adorned with pink and purple, soft pastels, stars, and cute, friendly characters, and magical girls.
While this place does present a cute and the wholesome vibe, you can sense that this place has, even more, to offer behind the soft pastel display. What will you find? more magical girls? maybe some cute pixels? an avatar closet? a diary containing the rants and raves of a dorky NEET? a few spelling mistakes? maybe on your journey through this place you find a shrine or two or stumble across a meme or two or three, or even discover a gallery dedicated to a certain bespectacled aardvark? Who knows? only time and exploration will tell!

¸.•¨`♬ʕ ノ•ᴥ•ʔ Hello and Welcome! ノ♫ヽʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ♩ヽʕ •ᴥ•ʔノ♬*`.♫

(─‿‿─.) (─‿‿─.) ( ̄▽ ̄)ノHowdy, Loudy! I'm Cinderpeach but you can also call me Ash, welcome to my room in the big interconnected house called the internet! I spend most of my time on the internet and I decided to make myself my own little place away from the loud and some times spooky social media, so I can feel more comfy!
I like to surf the web and find cool stuff, and with my own personal site I'm able to share all the super cool stuff I find to my heart's content in my own cutesy (sometimes really weird oof) way! On here I'll also be sharing stuff I like (and hyper-fixate about) in general like magical/anime girls, cartoons, cute mascots, memes, cute pixels, stamps, blinkies and other cute stuff, so if you like any of that stuff feel free to stick around and check back often (Follow my Neocities page for updates).
This place is also cool way meet other people who are wildly creative, and super cool ( like me!), so if you have a banger of a site feel free to drop link in my guestbook and don't forget to share any thoughts or comments, you can even use the guestbook just to say hi! Hope you have fun explore my place, that you keep on vibin' and thrivin'! (Oh I have dyslexia so...)

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AYE YO! Somehow I GOT 300+ (almost 400) follows, THANK U EVERYONE
I can't believe I managed to get so many people checking out my site, despsite the fact I feel like I haven't been updating this sites as much as I should
I'm going to try to change that tho, there's a lot of cool people here, doing cool stuff and I want to be apart of that again
I STILL want to put more cool stuff on here, so I can be true front page material
I still have some neat ideas, but I really want to take the digital garden appoarch to this site
First I'll try to clean up some stuff around here, so if things look wonky on here that's why, but Imma try to fix it the best that I can
Anyways I just wanted to thank all of you for being patient with me as figure out this whole coding thing(again), and I hope you check back often for the cool stuff I'll be adding to site

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