Welcome to The Cubby Hole!

HEY! HOWDY! HO! Welcome to my cubbyhole, its the place where I keep most of my writings n' stories. Now, I'm not a writer! My brother is waaaay better than me (but that's neither here nor there). I mostly writer for fun, I like writing fanfic and some original stuff too, based on my daydreams about my OCs doing stuff that I think is worthy enough to be written down for someone else to enjoy.

I like to write in burst because that's just how the inspiration hits me, but I trying to re learn all the writing stuff that I learned in school that swiftly YEETED out  my mind once I left high school, lol. I'm trying to proof read my work more, even though I cringe sometimes at my own writing, so if you cringe too (I get it, don't feel bad), but I do want my wirting to me be more readable and enjoyable for the average bear (heh heh get it).

Speaking of bears the reason why there's a bear theme on this page is because ever since I was young, I've always associated bears with stories and storybooks. Its not that weird, now thinking about since Winnie The Pooh and Goldielocks and Three Bears are a THING, soo..yeah..

A lot of my writing contains tons and tons of fluff, moments or whole stories of characters just interacting and enjoying each other company. It MOSTLY chill stories usually consisting of stuff like characters playful chasing each other, tickle fights, awkward dates,  and other fluff jazz. BUT BUT there are stories that are for REAL stories with PLOT and STAKES n' all that writing jazz.

I'm thinking about adding some my wiriting that has a more commentary vibe on just general internet stuff or life stuff, like stuff that feels weird to put on my blog page (due to how specfic the subject talking about is and the fact that I've seen other peeps deal with the same thing), if you know that I mean. 

Anywhoo, I hope you're able to enjoy the stories and rambles that I put on here! YO! Happy Reading!

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