Welcome to the toybox page, this page is where I keep all the cool pixels I've collected from my travels on the web! This place is also where I keep the pixels I made for other peeps to adopt and display on there site, if they think its cool enough!

I've always wanted to have a toybox page on my site, but what really kicked started me into making it was 1. the really cool adopts and cliques/clubs I find myself stumbling on upon on Neocities (and the web in gen), but 2. One of my fave places on the web, Peachie's Cute Collection has finally been deactivated after all these years! It was such a awesome and wonderfully cute collection of pixels too, it was almost like a mini digital museum in a way. 

So, I wanted to do my part in preserving what's left of the cute pixel community, as well taking part in the pixel club/clique revival too!

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  • ☙ Set Up Layout Using Template from Repht
  • ☙ Added Toybox Section
  • ☙ Added Cliques n' Club Section
  • ☙ Added Adoption Center Section
  • ☙ Added Pixels By Me
  • ☙ Added Adopts to Toybox
  • ☙ Added Memories/Halloween 22 Section To Toybox Section
  • ☙ Added Halloween 22 Pixels To Toybox Section
  • ☙ Added Pixel By Me Section
  • ☙ Added Stamps To Pixels By Me
  • ☙ Added Blinkies To Pixels By Me
  • ☙ Added Kao ani To Pixels By Me


  • ☙ Font Changed


  • ☙ Added Club & Cliques Page
  • ☙ Added Afternoon Tea Pixels
  • ☙ Added Teeny Towers
  • ☙ Added Sticker Club Pixels
  • ☙ Added Charm Bracelet Pixels
  • ☙ Added Adopts Page
  • ☙ Added Nyanbo Astume Page
  • ☙ Added Jar Jams Page
  • 4/12/24

  • ☙ Fixed some blank imgs