o((*^▽^*))o I started this site because I was bored with the monotony and sameness of modern websites, and while I will acknowledge that the web has gotten “better” technically speaking, and I use sites like youtube, twitter and insta somewhat frequently. The web has certainly lost it’s charm and majority of websites now a days both personal and professional have succumbed to the disease that is minimalist design. Every website and profile is that same white (or at least two color) background. Sites went from being eye candy to more like eye oatmeal (with no add-ons), When I was younger web surfing used to be one of my fave pass times, but I’ve realized I don’t do that much anymore because there’s not much to look forward to. But here on Neocities it’s different every site is a door to adventure--you don’t know what you find, sites can be weird, cute, creepy, or whatever your true heart desires! And that’s what I love about Neocities being here brings back memories of stumbling across a quirky colorful site full of passion and personality, it even got me back into web surfing. I web surf here and use the way back to go vintage web surfing (as I like to call it). I also use this site to display all the blinkies, and other graphics I find while on my virtual adventure, I’ll also throw in some graphics of my own and my general art stuff, and I’ll also be sharing links to other cool sites I find both here on (Neocities) and through vintage (and maybe even normal web) surfing, and I’ll even be documenting my virtual outings from time to time if it’s real interesting. So, I guess you could say this site maybe my virtual travel site--Idk even if not this site is just a hodgepodge of old web stuff I like...oof (◕ᴗ◕✿)