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Spet 22 2020.....

yay first post, hoi

First, I just wanted to say!, I've gotten a surge in follows lately ever since my last big update. I'm kind of a shock since I personally think a lot still needs to be added to this place to make it interesting, but apparently, alot of folks say that its already fun, to begin with. I'm very gratefull for all you guys feedback and I will try my hardest to make this site even cuter and more fun!! I really want to the work on the fun junk/extra stuff part of my site, because I have a lot of fun wacky and ideas for that section and I think that might be the heart of the site if I work on it well enough. I have alot of other projects outside of neocities that I would on mainly other artsy stuff, that I wanna showcase on here too. Either through this blog section or another dedicated art section entirely, but as much as I love working on this site and other projects, I think I'mma gonna have to pause because I think I'm coming down with a cold, the weather where I live is changing and that's usually around the time when my allergies act up the worst, along with what's happening in the world in terms of current events, its prolly best take it easy for a while, but I wanted to get this part of the site set up before I go AWOL for a bit. I still update this section of the site as often as I can just to keep you guys in the loop of what's going on, and I will continue to follow and scope out other interesting sites in the meantime. But yeah, I'm so freakin' HYPED that people like my site enough to leave such nice comments, on other sites (like social media and such) whenever I post my stuff I get little to no reaction and no interact (i.e comments at all), so I usually feel real special when I do I feel like I'm actually making a difference in this world, and helping people feel a bit better especially during these hard times..well that's all I wanted to talk about until next time...

See you, Cyberspace Cowboys..


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Spet 22 2020.....

yay Long Time No See.....I think?

Oof, sorry that I've not been updating you guys (or this site..oof). I get in BIG bouts in my anxiety where I wanna do so many things (because I'm always working on a bunch of projects at once) where if I try to do anything it NEVER feels like I'm doing the right thing, and that leads me into a weird cycle of me just scrolling through my socials, and looking at all the stuff people got done, and I'm just over here in some where anxiety included freeze-frame thing...(if that makes any sense). So, to combat that I decided I'm going to start making to to-dost for myself, at first I used to think only strict/no fun having people use to do and without one they dont know how to function (but this purely based on what I've seen from cartoon n' stuff oof), and I thought that would make me boring for having one (which is the reason why I've been afraid to start one) but I realized that I REALLY do need a to do list because I always find myself comparing my work to others and looking up whats the best step to take, and I always feel super satisfied when I'm able to follow a how-to tutorial on whatever I'm learning down to a t.So,now I have a to-do list system added to my happy bullet journal, hopeful I'll be able to keep this system up for as long as it helps me. Anyways, enough IRL stuff lets move on to the web stuff! I set up one of the sections in my extra stuff/fun stuff, the image collection, and the first one I finished out of that section was the Arthur screenshot collection page. I'm SUPER proud of how it came out, I think everything on the page really flows together especially the music, Hot Dad did an amazing job on that track, it has a weird mystic nostalgic-type feel.Next I wanna work on the reaction and memes page, but I also kind of wanna work on the mood board page, idk I guess I just have to see what happens, but then next page I know FOR SURE I'm going to work on is the chao page! Steam had a sale recently celebrating Sega's 60th anniversary and I got Nights Into Dreams for free and I got Sonic Adventure 2 for only 3 BUCKS! I've been debating whatever or not I should get that game on Steam FOREVER! one of the reason is because I'm not that good at sonic games, I guess you could say "I'm too slow" for them, but I have fond memories of watching my brother play and helping out with the chao garden when I was a youth! another reason is that I still have my brother's Gamecube and his copy of SA2, so techincally I could just play that, but what gets me with the steam verison is the CHAO WORLD MOD, that's just super amazing and through and lets you customize your Chao to high heavens and has cute extra Chao interactions! that basically sold me on the game, and with much the Chao mod as to offer it kind of makes the game entirely new (at least in my opinion). Other than becoming a chao mother, I've been taking of adding a cute mascot to my site, while I do love the look of my site so far, I feel like its really missing something, and think a cute mascot is just the thing, I think its because I have so many faves from a magical girl and moe anime, its super hard for me to choose just one to be the face of my site, I've decided that I'm just going to try to make own character that gives out the same cute and feel-good vibes as my faves. Plus, its a really good way for me to practice pixel art and I like to make OCs and stuff anyways.I think that's all I have to say..OH! wait I forgot that I finally put my site ID, I recently got mine's in my Email recently and I'm so excited to trade and collect more cute cards from all the cool peeps on this site. My site ID is in the web collection section and I also added it to my about me page, leave a comment on my profile or guestbook if you wanna trade. OKAY, NOW I think that's all wanted to talk about, so if I'm not updating on here for a long time, I'm prolly busy taking caring of some cute Chao

See you, Cyberspace Cowboys..

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Dec 19 2020

Making a Mascot,aye

Soo, I've been meaning to update my site, and be more active, BUT I didn't want to start doing stuff on here again UNTIL I finished my site mascot. While, I do LOVE how my site looks and I'm very proud of how far I've come (espially with how this site first look like OOF!), but I felt like something was missing, then when looking around at neocities I realized that alot of them seemed to have a "face" or "mascot", and I thought "Wow, maybe I can do that do"! but then I realized that out of all my anime best girls I couldnt pick just ONE! so I just diecided to fused them all togehter to make...


I went to pinterest and pinned a bunch of stuff that I thought really vibed with Bliss's aesthetic, then made a sketch based off said aesthetic, I posted the sketch a few months ago on my site page but here it goes again...
At first, I used Pmx editor ( a 3D model-making program I usually use to make models/characters for MikuMikuDance, a 3D animation/posing program named after Miku Hastune) and that turned out...
It turned out


but just ok, I think the fact that I got most of the model aessets from deviantart, the only think that I made by myself is the sweater and the hat. Since Bliss -net is a "handmade" site, the mascot should also be "handmade", so I scraped this model, went back to the drawing board (or sketchbook pro) and start back from square one!!! Oof, used a lot of diffrent phrases to say the SAME thing , So I redesigned the Bliss to have a simpler look that translated well into 3D...
This redesign was mostly inspired by Sengoku Turb, a dreamcast game that I NEVER played, but will jump on that beat to do so when/if the moment ever present itself again, I found this game out through Cinni's blog on her site, and Cinni's models also insipired Bliss's redesign as weIl. So, I went to Blender to make the model AGAIN, and that turned out...


this is what the type of LOOK I'm talking about!!! Now,


is the mascot I'm talking about! After months of working on this mascot I think I finally come to a happy end. Right now, I've been making props for Bliss,so far I made her a phone, her fave soda, and her robo friend... the only things left to make is her wing-shaped jet pack, and her heart shaped laptop
I think I'm also gonna make some pixel and general 2D page dolls, and pngs for Bliss just becaue I'm in LOVE WITH HER DESIGN (yes, I know that I made it myself but an artist should be free to gush over her stuff if she wishes too) Anyways, I hope I finish these soon, I really want to get back to making this site even cooler for you guys (or even just for myslef). I'm also planning on making a vid about my process on making Bliss, I'll put a link on the site once its up, and might make like an Bliss entertaiment sections for my vids, comics, and other interactable projects I have in the works...

Anyways, that's mostly all I wanted to talk about in this post, other than being noticed by one of my VA senpais on Twitter, that's all for now folks, until next time..

See you, Cyberspace Cowboys..

because its night I need to get to sleep..oof

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Dec 24 2020

Let me think for a sec...

its christmas eve, bby! yeah, this christmas is gonna be pretty small for me (and basically everyone else in the world i guess) just me, my sister, only one of my brothers (maybe) and my parents. I might do a present haul post (even thought I only got like five gifts--well ten but the other five are Epic Games Games), since it doesnt really feel all that christmas-y this year my mind has already jump to thinking about next year (Oof) and things I would like to do. I've been working on my notion wiki and trying to get my life a little bit more organized, I found out about the notion site/app through one of my fave small art youtubers named Puddle, they're a really cute youtuber with a project/workflow kind of the same as mine, I'm hoping my notion will help me feel more productive and proud my work--like I'm actually doing something! (btw if you wanna check out the notion vid and Puddle's channel in gen here's the link: . What I really want to work on next year is cultivating my own personal spaces on the web like this here neocities, my typepad blog, my tumblrs, my youtube and my notion, I want to rely less on finding vaildation through sites/apps that dont give me as much artist freedom and self-expression (i.e insta and twitter). While I do like using those sites for finding reaction memes, posting quick hot takes and quips, quick check ups on the poeple I find cool on there--I think I should only use it for just that, just quick little things that dont take much effort to do, and spend a small amount of time on them, and put most of my big time and effort on sites/places that really worth it like neocities. I also wanna post more sketches in general online, just to prove to myself that I dont need to post fully finish work all the time to feel complete you know. I'm hoping to add an art section to my neocities as well as a few other stuff in the works, my bliss mascot stuff should be up on my site by early next month. I wanna take whats left of this week just to chill and enjoy my gifts (and hopefully work on downsizing my game backlog because OH BOY, LOOK AT DEM MOUNTAINS!) but that's all I want to say, my next year goals are more self-reflection, self-love, and general trying to enjoy life more...until next time..

See you, Cyberspace Cowboys..

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OOF! First of all I just like to say


Thank you for 100+ followers I literally can't believe that my site was able to capture so many people's interest. Like I said in my last post I want to spend more time making this site even better than it already is. I was on a roll for a while with working on the site then I got into an emotional slump that kind of knocked me out of it. I have this weird way of thinking with my projects n' stuff, where I feel like I can't work on smaller projects until I completed a big project (if that makes any sense), Like I was really proud of myself for finishing my bliss model, but when it came to making a page for her on the site my brain kind of went OOF! and I really couldn't think of how to present or layout her page, and that really ate up my thoughts for a good while because I wanted to something BIG and BOLD but I wasn't really sure how to do it and that really got me down.

But I recently realize that I could just start with a simple basic layout and then build up from there as a better idea starts to form, and I still work on other smaller to stuff in the meantime. I know its a pretty simple thing to understand but I just don't want it to look like I'm abandoning this site or any of my projects for that matter, I'm always in fear of losing inspiration or motivation to continue working on project, but to be honest that RARELY EVER happens to me and when it does its mostly for the best because I wasn't in the right mind set to finish the project anyways, and/or the project wasn't that cool in the first place. Not being able to work on smaller project was also the reason why I didn't update this section of the site like I said I would because I just had that fear of an unfinished project looming over my head, and making me feel bad.

But no more that, I want to able to work on all kinds of cool stuff on my site to share with you all. Recently, I just put up my first html game as a stora of gift to my 100 followers, its still kind of janky (because it's my first game) and I really shouldn't have start out with a game with THAT many menus, I honestly should have started out with a simple drag n' drop game (which is going to be the types of game I'll be making for a while) before starting something like that, even with that said I'm still pretty proud with how it came out (even with a few bugs) but I still plan to polish it from time to time as my game coding skills and improve and to have some update to add some more cute stuff like more animals, more sweets, and I'm even thinking about adding some more mystical/fantasy food/sweets items to game as well (we'll see how that goes). The next game I make will be an actual dress up game with a person, featuring one my site OCs, Yuki I haven't added her to the site because I want to add Bliss's page first before others. Yuki is teenage girl who loves every thing goth and pink and vampires, so much so that she believes that she's secretly a lost vampire princess and she spends each and every day waiting for her cute vampire prince to come whisk her away to some beatiful goth castel where they can live happily ever after and have a cute vampire family.

Yuki is just one of the characters in another thing I want to add to my site called "The Click", which is basically just a series of post told from the perspective of my characters. Eren on Orcas here on Neocities does the similar thing with his OCs and I really liked the idea so I thought I could do it with my characters just for fun. I also wan to use Bliss and the other's in a "game" where the place gets to walk around their room and gets to know them better, an idea that got from Cinni when she made a room for one of her characters in blender and was able to explore it in unity and I just thought that was the bee's knees! I don't know if I'll be able to do that soon with my characters but it'll be cool to at least try!

Anyways, I'm really excited to add more cool stuff to my site and still want to work on the smaller sections like my memes and image collection, my genki gifs, my shrines and my--well a bunch of other stuff! I'm really proud how far my site has come, even don't I feel like I'm not that proud sometimes, I think deep down I'm really AM! and I hope you guys know that I really appreciate all of you cheering me on, and I hope my work and my site inspires you as much as your works and sites inspire me. I really hope no one thinks I'm copying / stealing ideas from them (another one of my fears) but I don't think any one feels that way so far, which is good! I hope this blog post finds you well!

until next time, see you cyberspace cowboy!~<3