Welcome to Yuki's Spooky Cute Halloween

Welcome, Welcome

Welcome to Yuki's Spooky Cute Halloween, a celebration of all things spooky, cute and sweet. Yuki's fave holiday of the year (and of time) is Halloween! Help Yuki celebrate her fave time of the year by collecting candy, Listening to some of her (candy) corny Halloween jokes, and checking out her Halloween Stash of all of the cool treats and tricks she's collected this Halloween. 

Take your time looking around on this site, and Don't forget to grab a cool Halloween treat on the way out! Have a Spooky Cool Halloween!

This site is themed around one of my site mascots, Yuki, a vampire-loving scene kid who believes that she was once a vampire princess in a past life. While she does have a love for the dark and spooky, she also has a soft spot for all things cute and sweet.  Yuki loves Halloween because that means she can go all out in her outfits and score some candy while she's at it too! Yuki has a pet bat named Batrice, who shares Yuki's love for sweets and vampire boys!