About Fuchsia Sunset

Like many of you on here the internet was kind of like my virtual playground, I would spend most of my time playing just about any and all flash games that caught my interest, join and sign up for any and all virtual worlds (and getting a membership for said virtual world for my birthday) and general web surfing. I loved clicking on links and finding a new website, it was like opening the door to a new world, thinking about it now it sorta of felt like alice in wonderland (which is one of my favorite movies as a child). I grew up in the time where creativity and self expression was still a thing on the interwebs, and social media was still trying to get its sea legs, so I still got to see some cool sites.
I didn’t really know how websites were made back then so I couldn’t join in on the fun of making my own (plus the fact that I was a mere child was kind of a hindrance too), but asI got older I started to notice that some of my favorite sites started to shut down, even some of the virtual worlds I love were coming to a close, and I started to notice the youtubers I would watch stopped uploading or were becoming less genuine, and everyone were pushinglinks towards sites like instagram, facebook, and twitter. This was around the start of google over taking just about everything on the internet. Me having enthusiasm for the interwebs I decided to join social media sites to see if I could get the same enjoyment out of it as I did with exploring websites and virtual worlds. While I have met some awesome people through social media, I felt like I couldnt really express myself how like I once saw how people did with personal websites back in the day, exploring people’s profiles didn’t give me the opening a present at Christmas day feeling like going to a new website it was more like going through a whole cabinet of manila folders, while some having interesting info in them the presentation wasn’t much to write home about.
I also started to know how fake some people can be on the internet (I mean, DUH I know it’s the internet but still hear me out) it was weird to see how someone would just follow me and ask for a follow back without even looking at anything I had up, and instantly unfollow me when I didn’t follow them back, how everyone was chasing after likes, hearts, retweet to please a need to get to a goal of an infinite number that never ends, how some people would give shout outs to others with the intention of getting something from it and being a total jerk when they don’t, how rabid some people could be when someone else didn’t agree with them on subjects ranging from politics to even shipping two fictional people together, people joining a fandom for something just because it’s a popular hashtag atm, how there’s a witch hunt for any e-celeb that said something conversonal a longgg time ago, etc, etc--- you get the point, modern social media it’s just an unwinnable numbers game, and I learned that the hard way , the two years I spent trying to make a name for myself on social media was an unfun rollercoaster ride, having my happiness and worth of my art and self being dictated by a number that never reaching to an end, and comparing myself to others who don’t even live in the same country as I.
Seeing people I care about online getting mental and physical drain trying to please their audience while trying to make time for their friends and family outside the internet. The more I was on social media the more the internet as a whole started to become a chore and that’s when I took a break from social media for my mental health, and to see what was actually important to me. During my break time I found out about Neocities and it was amazing, it felt like I traveled back in time to where creativity and self-expression were thriving and likes weren’t even a thing. It was so heartwarming to see people sharing blinkies, gifs, pixels with each other and linking back to websites because they actually liked them and wanted to help them out, and people being fully passionate about the stuff they cared about not caring if it were popular or not and while exploring the sites on here it gave me back that exact same feeling I had as a kid, it was magical! Neocities gave me hope that there was still a place for people like me (who were also around my age) on the internet who just wanted to create out the wazoo, and still valued creativity and self-expression. I also took this as a second chance for me to make my own website just like the ones I used visit as a kid. Since I took a computer coding class in high school I already knew the basics of coding, so, I brushed up on my coding and here we are now….I’m still learning new coding stuff so this site will always be a work in progress. I hope you enjoy your time on my website, and thank you for coming to my ted talk… (here’s another bubble tea on the house for hearing my origin story) background by:King Deer Lulu on Deviantart