Howdy! The name's Cinderpeach, but you can also call me Ash, Welcome to a blog that contains the thoughts and ramblings of a dork wtih TOO MUCH time on her hands, that likes to think TOO MUCH!! Despite being dyslexic, wiriting really helps me get my thoughts and feelings out, so they don't stayed bottled up in me and become a tiking time bomb just wating to go off on some random. At that time of wirting this about page, I've recently moved out my parents house and living with my sister. I hope being on my own gives the time and room I need to grow into an actual fuctioning human being, and not just a NEET with a brain that likes to BRRRRR 24/7.

To keep me for going crazy and/or depressed, I like to work on creative projects like making art pieces and stories featuring one of my many OCS, messing around in the 3D space in Blender and MikuMiku Dance, or making some thing tangiable in real world like some paper craft, watercolor art, or some abomanation made out of ploymer clay!

if you SOMEHOW stumbled arcoss this blog without checking out my neocities, please feel free to check out my neoctites page, since its one of my on going passion projects, and also check out my out accounts on the interwebs, feel free to hit me up on Discord if you wanna talk or whatever~

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