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Kept you waiting, huh? which is a much cooler way of saying "sorry, that I haven't given any updates in a month" more maybe it's been more than a month, prolly' was. Anyways, I've been in the process of moving for like a week, me and my sister couldn't really prep for the move because they were a lot of other stuff happening at the same time too. So, we're still in the process of moving stuff from our now parent's place to our now new place, and my sister still has a lot of her inventory for her e-bay store at our parent's house. We spent at least 6 hours there for her to do her e-bay stuff, which is kind of frustrating because I realize that a lot of the woes I felt at my parent's place was because I didn't have much control at home. Now, being a space where I do have a lot of free time and control can be kind of overwhelming but it's a nice kind of overwhelm and not the impending doom type of MAXIMUM WHELM, if you get what I mean.

It can be really hard not to get bummed out, since I do have to be there at my parent's house while my sister does her e-bay stuff to help drop the packages off at the post office, but once everything is moved out, hopefully, we'll be able to spend more time at the new place.

This was my first move EVER! so, it's been really weird, but again a good type of weird, like a new adventure. The only frustrating thing is realizing that we don't have small misc items, especially when it comes to like cooking n' stuff. Which since now I've moved out and I can make food and not worried about it getting lost in the dangerous jungle known as the fridge like I can ACTUALLY SEE what we have to eat and if there's anything old or weird looking, I can just throw it out without having to worry about getting guilt trip for it later. Also, the ability to be able to use eggs, milk, and flour without the fear that I may be "wasting" it for other people to use in a dish that's not gonna taste good anyways is a nice change.

Being able to take a shower without comments of that I'm taking too many showers or not enough showers and being guilt-tripped about that (sounds weird but it can happen and it did ALOT, oof) , it's cool too.

Enough about IRL stuff, let's talk about projects (Oh yeah bby!), Like I said earlier, now that I'm slowly coming out of my depression, I've been able to work on some stuff somewhat consistently; Currently I got back to working on the next dress up game I want to add to the site featuring one of my characters, Yuki. I've finished making the shirts, gloves, and now I'm working on making pants, and skirts. I don't know when this game will be finished, I'm hoping to finish before or on Halloween since Yuki's aesthetic perfectly fits into the Halloween aesthetic (just with more pink).

Another thing I've been working on is making an animatic for one of my OCs/daydream para. I like to daydream and dissociate a lot when I'm stressed out (or just for fun sometimes), and during my daydreams I came up with an alternate versions of one my characters, Beau (if you have read or at least skimmed thru my writing section on my site, then you already know what it is, but long story short; high school bully tries to redeem himself thru helping his past victims while also being haunted by the literal demonic image of his high school self). I made a Shounen Jump type version of him that's basically a mix of Sonic The Hegdehog, Kamina and Space Dandy, basically, he's NOTHING like his original version, but really fun to think about and just imagining him going around and doing dumb shounen himbo stuff.

This idea was so inspiring that I decided to make animatic with Hero! Beau set to the theme of Space Dandy, and I'm really proud of myself because I managed to actually storyboard it out (TWICE)! I did the thumbnails and then did the actual storyboarding, I have yet to start sketching out the frames, but AYE! I have a storyboard, which is the closest I've ever gotten to making a full animatic.

Other than that, I've been making some other shorter animatics with Beau and some other characters using audio from the random clips off my bandicam, so that's been fun and is at least good practice for the bigger space dandy animatic. I've been thinking to make another animatic with Beau set to the ending part of the ending song from INSIDE, since that fits really well with his story. (but I haven't done the thumbnails for that yet, so we'll see how that works out, IF AT ALL OOF!)

I've been trying to get back into making art on the regular in general since that was a thing I really liked doing before my mental state went all blue screen, I've been trying to get back into other chill activities too like playing games and watching anime. Both my game and anime backlog is like a mountain at this point I would really like to start chipping away, both for my visual library and not to be working on stuff 24/7 and feeling like a robot that only produces mediocre art.

I think that's all I wanted to talk about in this post, I'm still gonna try to work on some more smaller stuff for my site, maybe finally get to work on some shrines but we'll see. I just wanted to update you homies about what's been happening on my side of the street.

anyways until next time, Later days~