Former Star high school football player, Beau finds himself back in his old town. Beau is happy to be home with his family, but at the same time he’s been haunted by some strange feelings ever since he graduated high school. Those feeling are realized when he can’t seem to look any of his old classmates in the eye, without feeling a sense of heavy shame and guilt. In his highschool days Beau wasn’t only a beloved Quarterback but a feared bully as well, he would pick on the weak and nerdy to feel a sense of power and control something he was lacking at home. Due to this seemingly none of his classmates want anything to do with him and his football mates are too busy with their college career, so this leaves Beau to sit and wallow in his shame. Until one day he runs into a new girl in town, Bonnie, whom he first meets when helping her with car trouble, then she soon becomes a frequent customer at his step dad’s gas station/mechanic shop. Beau and Bonnie become fast friend, seeing that she’s the only one in town who easy to talk to, their friendship blossoms into something more! This surprises Beau because Bonnie is a nerd through and through–i mean what do expect from a girl who works at the comic book shop/arcade/maid cafe (a place Beau didn’t even know existed in this town due to jock brain), no doubt Bonnie would have been one of Beau’s victims had they met in high school, but she’s so nice and sweet. Beau’s guilt makes him feel like she’s too good for him, to clear his mind and at least feel like a person half as good to be with Bonnie, he tries to make amends with his past victims, will they accept his apology? does a guy like Beau really deserve to be forgiven? What happens when Bonnie learns of his past? Will she still love him? Will Beau even be able to forgive himself?”

Genre/Tropes: Hurt/Comfort, Whump (kind of), Fluff (per usual), Jock/Nerd dynamic, Tol/Smol dynamic, Redemption arc….

Table Of Contents

Main Story

  • Part 1
  • Side/Short Stories