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HEY! HOWDY! HO! welcome to my cubbyhole, its the place where I keep most of my writings n' stories. Now I'm NOT a writer, my brother is WAAAAYYYY better than me...I mean I  . I only write for fun! I write down my daydreams a lot since I don't often remember my dreams as vividly as I do with my daydreams, and I like to write them down to read back later like my own personal book series or whatever! Now, because I write my daydreams down in midst of daydreaming grammar, spelling, and whatever I learned about writing in school is promptly, swiftly, and heavily YEETED out the window--A MIGHTY YEET! but I do at least TRY to proofread or at least run the works thru Grammarly or something, but if you are smart enough, you'll be able to decipher my whimsical ramblings. Other than daydreams I might post some fan fics here, too. I used to write A TON of fan fics back in my DeviantArt was cringe, but now since cringe culture is dead I feel more comfortable getting back into writing them. My fics might be a little self-insert-y since I'm the type of person to get hooked on a certain kind of character and think about them a lot (but I could say the same for my original characters, too). Anyways, I hope you enjoy my various rambling about various events that never happen! 



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