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Yeah, it's been a while, anyways I was planning to do more stuff on my website this year, but I was WAAAY too into my own head, and almost the whole year passed me by. I wanted to go all out with the Hall-o-zine project, but I ended up biting way more than I could chew, I think I was trying to make up for the lack of updates with my site as a whole. Originally for my mini-site, I planned to have 2 games, a few blog posts, and one big blog post that was basically about my site mascot, Yuki setting up and hosting a Halloween party with her friends. I was going to add a top ten Halloween candy list, again as told from the perspective of Yuki, just for fun, too, but I soon realized that doing ALL of those things at once in the limited amount of time I had (since I found out about the trick or treat zine 2 weeks after it was announced) was impossible. I was going to have another dress-up game and the candy catch game, but as you can see I was only able to do one, I had to learn how to make a game in game maker studios just to make the candy catch game.

I was going to reuse some of the code I used for my previous dress-up game, but what took so long was me making the dress-up assets. I don't know, I just wanted it to be really good--a little bit too good (if that makes sense), I think I was too ambitious with this project, which is it why its kind of bare-bones (at least in my opinion). I realized way too late that I could have done something way more simple and actually in my range of skills (in terms of coding), I mean I'm still proud of the joke generator and the candy catch game, but I felt like the site could have felt more together if I wasn't so focused on the other stuff. The blog post was supposed to be the highlight of site, but not only did I want to write out the blog post, but I also wanted to draw out the scenes too, especially since this was the first time I've ever mentioned Yuki (outside of her dress up game) as a character on my site. The site was suppose to be her character debut in a way (I guess, but you can see  how well that turned out )

Again, I'm not FULLY bummed, I'm more like "Dang, I've could have done better" or at least more simple. Dont get me wrong I still enjoy the trick-or-treat event, going around looking at everyone's sites and gathering treats (and tricks) was pretty fun, but looking at everyone else sites made me realize how simplicity could go a long way.  I don't know, I just hope I can try again next year for Halloween (if another trick-or-treat event happens) or at the very least try again at the next web jam or webzine. I really hope people were still able to enjoy my  Halloween site, despite it being the way it is, and if you didn't I completely understand, I just hope I didn't get anyone's hopes up.

To end on my more hopeful note, In terms of my main site I think I'm going to try working on my cursed images web collection and finish making the assets for the critter picnic game (which I kind of forgot about tbh), I want to set up a sticker sheet page as well and join that webring too. I really want to start on my Princess Peach shrine, since its kind of weird my site is this big and has come this far without some sort of shrine page, but I'll be sure to take my time with it...

I hope this post finds you all well, and until next time

Later days~


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Worried about: The new year

LONG TIME NO SEE, HAPPY NEW YEARS and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Okay, I really want to speed past the obligatory "Sorry for not updating in soo long" speech, I don't think I really should knowledge the fact that I have been AWOL for a bit, at this point its like a broken record. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my site and I LOVE the community I found here on Neocities, but every time I admit I haven't been on here it makes me feel like some weird shame, and that shame stops me from working on my site and even making a simple blog post about what I've been up  to because it feels like I should fall on my sword first before I can do anything. I don't really think that's right to shame myself before doing stuff I love, one of the reasons why I like the old web/Neocities was because in the old web days you could take a hiatus from coding or working on online projects and then come back to it without feeling any FOMO or shame for being behind. I love having my own space on Neocities because of the friendly community and low stakes (Thanks to everyone for helping me get on the first page btw, WOW! I never thought something like that would ever happen to me!). One of my new year's things was to not take myself too seriously or just to be nicer to myself in general, I always have a bad habit of comparing myself to others and feeling like I'm not good enough or that I'm behind, and that I HAVE to do something BIG and LOUD to prove that I deserve to exist (I blame the school system for that toxic mindset) .

 If I ever take another long break from here, just know it's not because I don't care or that I've given up, if either of those things does happen I will make a goodbye post before taking my site down, just because I go ghost sometimes doesn't mean I've abandoned this project.

Speaking of projects, while I've been away I've been working on some comic stuff. I have 3 comics (well, technically 5 BUT 2 of those comics need a MIGHTY overhaul because those stories are kind of as OLD as the HILL, I've been working on those since middle/high school) in the works, and I've been making sections for them in ATOM.

The 3 comics are The Sketchdump, SpriteKeep(ing), and A Queen To Bee

The Sketchdump is a series of gag/experimental comics inspired by the stick figure media that was really popular in the early to mid 00s (Fancy Pants, Animator Vs Animation, Mighty Guy, etc) while also being inspired by the grow flash games I used to play as a kid.

SpriteKeep(ing) is a semi serialized comic series about a crafty woman named Tulia, finding a new species of fae in her garden after being gifted a strange seed by the owner of the new metaphysical shop in town. Tulia turns her garden journal into an observation journal as she studies the new small being living in her home.

Queen To Bee is an episodic comic about the adventures of a spoiled princess who will be crowned queen someday, if she ever gets around to doing her royal duties instead of going on wacky misadventures with her boyfriend for stuff like diamond milk so she can have a complete breakfast fit for a princess.  This comic is heavily inspired by the flash game A Knight's Quest For Milk!

Those are the comics I have in the works so far (along with chara bites), I might add a comic section for my shorter fluff comics featuring my other OCs and my favorite characters from media n' stuff, but we'll see.

I've also been working on another game, this time it's a virtual toy game, a picnic set inspired by calico critters and the virtual playsets Princess Peachie used to make on Deviantart for her friends back in the day. I have NO idea when it will be done since at the time of making this post I've just got doneone with sketching out the assets for the game and visualizing it's look, but it WILL be done ONE DAY, so get excited (if you're into that type of stuff, no pressure).

I've been working on some animatic stuff too but that's more of youtube talk, and I'm not even sure if that will be done anytime soon but I would like to make ONE 2D animatic before the year's over, so hopefully, that will happen......yeah.

That's all for now, next time I make a post I'll just jump into what I've been up to UNLESS its REALLY important to the plot. 

Until next time later days~