Main Characters

"A clumsy musician, who likes making music with his old gameboys,he's a bit shy but will open up if you give him time"

"A goofy artist who has the power to teleport anywhere and make anything she draws real, but due to her goofy energy and mindset her creations usually don't turn out like she planned..."

"A cool imp who one day will be king of the undeworld, but he's fine with just praticing his swordmanship and eating apple pie for right now"

"A half-angel half demon hybrid, who uses her succubus powers to get free sweets from guys, but only has her eyes set on the soon to be demon king (whose's also her childhood friend), Daiki"

"A Flower ghoul, whose love with sadness, and is a proud plant dad"

Secondary Characters

"Just your average magical girl who loves sweets and dark grimm fairy tales uwu~"

"A young witch, who stays up all night trying to perfect spells and has a soft spot for plushies and magical girl anime"

“”A sassy space goddess, who has a soft spot for chao”

"A Chao who enjoys all things nice and soft"

"Sneaky Mischievous Chao who loves to spook

A Chao who loves makin' magic and lives to entertain!

"A young mysterious chao who has yet to find his true self"