Name: Ash

Username: Cinderpeach

Age: 22

Star Sign: Rabbit/Taurus



Spiders, School, Being a sheep, annoying fan girls, my absent mindedness, Math, Carrots, Modernism, Anything unsweet, Bitter black coffee, Failure, Day time talk shows

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Hey! The name's Ash, but you can call me Cinderpeach or Bliss, if that's your bag, I'm just your average 20 something whose bored with the samey bland layout and boring shallow drama of the modern internet. I made a neocities page to escape to simpler times, and get lost in everybody's good vibes here! I used to surf the web for fun alot as a kid, it was like a digital playground to me (much like others on here), so seeing home-made colorful sites w/ tons of personality is a comfort for me. I watched my brothers play alot of video games growing up, so pixel art and video game related things have a special place in my heart as well. I also really enjoy themeing and design (basically I like studying aesthetics n' stuff) of the 90s and 2000s websites that were chop full of nothing but cool and crazy themes, that's what I really love about it.Now, I'm an artist before I'm a coder, which is why the coding on this site, and some of the pages on here are a bit wonky sometimes, I'm still trying to understand it heh..heh...oof! I mostly made this site to gawk at all the other pretty sites on here, anyways. like I said before I'm an artist, I'm hoping one day to make an animation or something, but for right now I'm making just cute dumb art, but I've also been interested in making web graphics which I'll obviously post here. Other than art and old web, I also enjoy memes (spicy, dead, or dank), sweets, baking, fantasy, dreams, dolls, nostalgia, books, subcultures, niches, aesthetics and video games..if youu wanna hit me up I'm on Discord: Cinderpeach#0149, and Cinderpeach on Twitter, and Cinderpeach16 on Insta. D'oh! I have dyslexia so spelling errors are probably lurking around here somewhere... so BEWARB!